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The staff at Metal Building Solutions is a team of highly experienced, like-minded individuals who are committed to not only delivering an excellent product, but who truly understand the meaning of quality customer service. There is simply no room in this organization for the take-a-number mentality. We’ve worked hard to forge a reputation in the pre-engineered metal building industry for value, quality and service. Our entire staff stands ready to build on that reputation by bringing integrity, innovation and a positive, let’s-get-it-done attitude to the table. We believe we’ve built the best team in the industry. Once you’ve done business with us, we think you’ll agree.

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Buck Buchanan
Buck Buchanan

Buck Buchanan founded Metal Building Solutions in 2004 with the goal of creating a company that would be nimble, efficient, quality-focused and absolutely dedicated to customer service. Buck’s 40-plus years of experience in the pre-engineered metal building industry - which includes roles as a detailer, production manager, vice president of engineering and vice president of manufacturing with some of the most highly respected firms in the industry - give him a unique, ‘from the ground up’ vision for what is possible.

Buck assembled a team of like-minded metal building construction professionals who shared his vision and dedication for quality and service. The team atmosphere has fueled Metal Building Solutions’ growth, and earned clients from Houston, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma; from Ft. Worth to Atlanta, Georgia; from Dallas to Montgomery, Alabama and all across the country.

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